eGift Cards

The perfect gift for any occasion!

We offer digital gift cards in the denomination of your choice, from $5 to $2,000. After clicking the “Purchase Gift Card” button below, you will be directed to a page where you can select the amount of your gift card, add a personalized message, and schedule your gift card’s delivery. 

After completing your purchase, you will receive a confirmation message and a receipt will be directed to the email address you provide while making your purchase. Your receipt will come from [email protected].

Looking for a physical gift card?

Physical gift cards are available for purchase at all of our locations.

Have questions about our digital gift cards?

See our Frequently Asked Questions below. Still have questions? Email us at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I order a digital gift card, when will my gift card will be emailed?
    • Our digital gift card orders are processed automatically and should deliver to your recipient within minutes when the Deliver Now option is selected as the delivery time.  If Deliver Later is selected as the delivery time, the gift card purchase will be processed immediately, but your recipient will receive their digital gift card on the date and at the time you specify.
  • Where will my digital gift card come from?
    • Your digital gift card will be sent by [email protected].  If your recipient does not see their gift card in their email inbox, please have them check their Spam and/or Junk folders for this email address. 
  • How do I redeem my digital gift card?
    • You may present your digital gift card by showing it to your server or bartender on your phone while closing your check.  Alternately, you may print your digital gift card and show a copy to your server or bartender when closing your check.
  • How do I check the balance of my digital gift card?
    • The available balance of your digital gift card will automatically update as transactions take place. Reference your original email or text showing your digital gift card and it will show your current gift card balance in real time.
    • For older GIVEX gift cards, both digital and physical, you may check your gift card balance here.
  • Can I use my gift card at any of your restaurants?
    • Yes! Your gift card may be used at any Metropolitan Hospitality Group restaurant, including CIRCA, Open Road, TRIO, Él Bebe, Salt, and Heirloom.
  • Have more questions?