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5 Dishes We Can’t Stop Talking About.

The question we get most often is: “what’s your favorite brunch in D.C.?” Depending on who you talk to, our team has varying opinions. For me, I try to break it down by neighborhood and then offer my top recommendation from there. But lately, I’ve found our team chatting more about the memorable dishes we’ve had around town more than the restaurant itself, so we thought we’d let you in on the inside baseball banter.

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The List Are You On It

The 7,600-square-foot, two-level restaurant features a dining experience inspired by the Chinatown community and boasts a long bar on the first floor with flexible dining seating.

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Curbed DC

Near Chinatown’s Friendship Archway, there is a brand new, 40-foot-long public mural, featuring a dragon. The image, chosen as a symbol of strength and good luck, was created by D.C.-based art and design company BroCoLoco, the same company behind the interior mural at Chef David Guas’ Lil’ B restaurant.


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Biz Journals

Exclusive: Zengo is closing in Chinatown. Here’s what’s taking its place.

Change is coming to one of Chinatown’s most prominent corners: Circa, the neighborhood brasserie with several other locations around Greater Washington, will open in the Zengo space at 781 Seventh St. NW.

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Northern Virginia

The TRIO Manhattan (Bulleit Rye and Carpano Antica sweet vermouth all mixed with Fee Brothers whiskey barrel-aged bitters) makes for the perfect nightcap at TRIO Grill in Merrifield. Read Full Article.

Hungry Lobbyist

The District of Columbia is only 68 square miles, and despite the small size, leaving it is surprisingly tough. For some the Potomac acts as a barrier, as if crossing into Virginia will keep one from re-entering Washington ever again. But as the weather warms up, helping to kindle the spirit of spring adventure, it’s time to break that barrier. It’s time to venture out to Northern Virginia this weekend. Read Full Article.

Sibling Rivalries: Chef Brothers Building Delicious Dynasties

When siblings pursue the same career path, it gives them the unique opportunity to be both rivals and allies. Each will champion the other, even as they vie against each other to be the best. These chef brothers have all found a happy middle ground where they thrive through collaboration and by working alongside each other. To celebrate Siblings Day, here are three sets of chef brothers lighting it up in the kitchen. Read Full Article